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Customer Appreciation Month – E Lawsuit Loans

That’s right, it’s customer appreciation month here at E Lawsuit Loans! We would like to thank the thousands we’ve helped across the nation. Spread the word and here’s a small video for you!

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Hurricane Sandy Legal Relief

Hurricane Sandy Relief Lawsuit FundingHurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy Legal Financial Assistance

Already, many are being denied from insurance companies amidst the hurricane sandy disaster in new york. Many have already lost so much and it seems inevitable to obtain a claim from these companies.

Hurricane Sandy Lawsuit Funding Relief

Our lawsuit funding company is here to help you. If you have been denied a claim, let our professionals assist you in recovering the most possible from your hurricane sandy claim.

If you are in need of assistance with hurricane sandy lawsuit funding, E Lawsuit Loans will ensure you obtain the most from your claim. Lawsuit funding helps maximize your settlement. Saying the wrong thing can certainly affect your claim, so it’s best to obtain an attorney to make sure your legal matters are handled correctly. NEVER settle for less than what is RIGHTFULLY yours, contact E Lawsuit Loans today and have the legal financial backing of a company who cares for each and every client affected by hurricane sandy looking for lawsuit financing.Contact Us

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Accident Claims

Understanding Accident Claims

If  you have had an accident and decide to file a claim with your insurance company, if so the need for lawsuit funding may rise as well.  Most often attorneys file claims for their clients, you may be eligible for compensation, we suggest for your best interests to see a lawyer. some case’s present legal rights for injury compensation, pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages,  medical expense, out of pocket expense. If you have an accident you need to file a claim quickly, their is a deadline for you turn in a claim after said accident happens

How quickly should I file an accident claim?

The sooner you file your claim the better. each state has statue of limitation laws, once deadlines are not met, check’s don’t get sent.  Local law office’s should be able to let you know what your states policies are according to these laws.


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Medical Authorization

When filing an accident claim to insurance companies, you may be subject to a request for medical authorization.  When you consent on the request insurance companies can see  up to date medical records, previous medical records,  job records, and financial records. Once released insurance companies hold you accountable for said information in the recovery phase. your company could deny your claim or reduce the claim to bare minimum. I strongly recommend not signing off on a medical authorization.

The hiring of an attorney is a job seconded only to getting medical attention. A lawyer can defend your legal rights, and will best advise you what information to release. If approached by a insurance company refer them to contact your attorney. Don’t give information or authorization unless advised by your attorney.

Allowing authorization can hurt your case, your insurance company will use your information against you if applicable.  The results of which could seriously impact the quality of your case.

You deserve whats yours, beware of insurance companies as they will try to decrease your settlement or deny your claim.

E Lawsuit Loans can help you with lawsuit cash advances. Contact us today!

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Auto Accident Investigation Process

Traffic Accident Investigation

If the police were contacted due to an auto or traffic accident, most likely they are the first ones up in line for investigating the accident. During their investigation and arrival at the accident scene, they will manage the scene, asses the situation, and of course place traffic cones or flares to ensure the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Next they will get into the investigation by talking with witnesses, investigating the scene of the accident, and working on filing the report.

The investigation itself is important in collecting and assessing  all vehicles and individuals involved the crash or traffic accident. If injuries or harm has been done to any person, they will contact dispatch.

After taking all the precautions necessary, the officer will begin investigating the scene of the accident. They will look for tire marks, acceleration marks, skids and other signs of  the collision or accident. All the vehicles involved in an accident are examined by the officer by viewing the exterior and/or interior of all vehicles involved including the back, front, and sides of each automobile involved.

They will also contact a dump crew or tow truck to collect the scraps and remains of the accident to clear the road, but this is after the investigation itself is assessed and completed of course. You can’t investigate a scene if the scene itself has been cleared away!

If you were involved in an auto accident, be sure to request a report, if not your attorney can assist with this as well. For those that are victims of traffic accidents, consult and attorney after the accident.

If you already have an attorney and interested in receiving auto accident loans against your pending auto accident claim, contact us today for assistance in legal financing. The lawsuit funding services provided are offered throughout the United States.

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Qualifing For A Lawsuit Loan

Do I Qualify For a Lawsuit Loan?

Believe it or not, qualifying for a lawsuit loan is easy.  If you have filed a personal injury claim in court, you meet the first qualification for application. As you would expect, there are some simple requests.  But, the requirements for application and approval are few, and they are very different than another other financial instrument we typically think of.

Here’s exactly why a lawsuit cash advance  is so different.

Since there is risk involved for the funder when they approve funding for a case, there are a few things required for application and approval.  The legal funding industry is a unique funding arena.  Application and approval requirements are meant to minimize the risk for the company.

Simple Application Requirements

First of all you must have an attorney before making an application. You must have an attorney representing you. Since E Lawsuit Loans must review documentation about your case, and because we must work with plaintiff’s legal counsel, an attorney is required.  It is also important we know any case we fund is represented by skilled counsel in court.

The second requirement is your case must be filed in court.

Easy Approval Requirements

Again, approval is very different than dealing with any other kind of “loan”.  Since this funding is not a loan in the typical sense, the requirements are totally different.

NO credit checks. That’s right; your application does NOT require a credit check. In fact, your employment history or collateral IS NOT required for approval.

And best of all funding is based totally on the strength of your case. If your case is determined to be a likely winner in court, you will be approved for funding.

Obtain A Cash Advance Today

As a leading legal financing firm, E Lawsuit Loans proudly serves the US with an array of lawsuit financing services including lawsuit cash advances, pre settlement funding, settlement loans, and litigation funding. For plaintiffs in need of a cash advance on pending or settled cases, E Lawsuit Loans provides the answer with non-recourse based lending options.

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